Contributors: jake
Tags: blosxom, export, files, zip, backup
Tested up to: 2.7
Stable tag: trunk

wp2blosxom exports all your posts to a zip file containing a blosxom style directory hierarchy of posts.

2   Description

This plugin will allow you to export all your posts to a zip file where each post is a txt file located under a directory named for its category, just as blosxom is set up to be able to use.

This plugin will make it easy to switch to blosxom or to get your posts into a good format for archiving, but unlike the xml and database dumps you can export to by default in wordpress, your entries can be easily read and edited on your own computer.

This plugin appears as a top level menu page on your wordpress admin backend.

It will get the content and title without any formatting so things like markdown work. It does not back up your images so you may have to work a little to obtain a fully working blosxom blog set up with these posts. it probably would involve placing the images from the /wp-content/uploads directory someplace on your server.

The modification time of the entry files are changed to whenever the entries were published. I’ve also included the option to export a meta-creation_date in each entry. To use this in blosxom you will need to install the entriescache plugin.

3   Installation

3.1   requirements

  • the user php runs under must have write access to /wp-content

    directory. (my plugin writes all zips to /wp-content/wp2blosxom)

  • the zip program must be in your path and php must be able to use the
    sustem() function. If you’re on windows you can get the command line
    zip program here.
  • I’ve only tried this on wp v2.6 and v2.7 so i dont know if this will work
    on other versions.

3.2   steps

  1. copy wp2blosxom directory to /wp-content/plugins
  2. activate the plugin in wordpress’s plugins menu
  3. you should notice a new menu item on your admin area called
    wp2blosxom. click this to be shown a page where you can kick off
    creation of zips and to delete zips you’ve already created.

4   Frequently Asked Questions

what is blosxom?

blosxom is blogging software written in perl with lots of features and addons, (although, not as much as wordpress), that has a really simple way of adding entries — as text files filed under directories named for the category which they belong. These text files can be filtered with plugins such as markdown, just as they can on wordpress.

For more info, see the the official site or the more up-to-date blosxom user group.

5   Screenshots

  1. the menu page to create, delete, and download blosxom zips.


  2. file structure of resulting zip file.



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